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      ABOUT US

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      How many years have you been offline? How many years online? 2019 present

      What are the advantages of the company compared with its peers? What's the difference? (why do customers choose your company?) Independent research and development, product novelty and high price ratio

      Are there any products in stock? Mostly in stock or customized? Available in stock, mostly customized

      What is the total area of the plant? What is the floor area of the inventory? Total area 1600 warehouse 600

      What is the daily output or monthly output? The daily output is about 20000

      How many employees are there? 13

      Can the spot goods be delivered on the same day? How often do custom products ship? Spot goods can be delivered on the same day and customized for 7 days or more

      How long is the proofing cycle? How long is the processing cycle? 1-7 days

      Whether the logo can be printed, who pays the printing fee, and how much can the logo fee be exempted? You can use silk screen logo, 100 sets of free silk screen logo and 1000 sets of free customized color boxes

      Proofing method: is it possible to provide drawings for proofing? Is it necessary to send samples before proofing? sure

      What time can I place an order and deliver it the same day? Delivery within 48 hours? Order and pay before 16 o'clock on the same day, and delivery can be made

      Does it support the replacement of damaged goods? Is it possible to refund or reissue the missing amount? yes

      Is it supported to return goods without reason within 7 days? yes

      Does it support replacement within 15 days? yes

      Do you support sending samples free of charge? Negotiable

      Does it support one-piece consignment? yes

      Can we do foreign trade: what markets are foreign trade mainly in? sure

      Is there export certification? For example, CE RoHS SGS certification. have

      Is door-to-door factory inspection supported? support

      How long is the general timeliness of express delivery and logistics? 1-2 days in the province and 3-5 days outside the province

      Can I send it by parcel post? Negotiable

      Is there a warranty? How to guarantee? One year warranty

      Can I invoice? How many points are added to ordinary tickets, VAT ordinary tickets and VAT special tickets? Unified 13%

      What is the packaging of the product? Can you provide packaging photos? (for example: foam box, wooden box, carton) color box packaging, can provide packaging pictures.

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